"I've trained with Sifu Paul O'Neal now for over 6 years and his understanding and practical knowledge of Wing Chun just keeps coming! His expertise and understanding of the full Wing Chun system, as far as I can see, just doesn't have any holes in it! His teaching will help you understand Wing Chun, your body and yourself!"
Phil Robson | CEO, Pat Robson & Co

“Within 5 minutes of joining my first class, it was easy to see that AFS was the club I had been looking for. The skill of Sifu Paul O’Neal is evident from the outset and the traditional but relaxed method of teaching has enabled the effective learning and application the techniques of wing chun. Having practiced for three years now, AFS provides an outlet for me to keep fit and learn a strong yet simple martial art in a welcoming and ego free environment.”
Yaqoob Isha | Company Director, The Punjab Kitchen Ltd

“Paul is a born teacher / Sifu, he’s a natural at getting the best out of people without ever needing to resort to the domineering tactics of other martial arts instructors out there. Even in regular classes, Paul will spend time with each student, allowing them to learn and develop at their own pace. His exceptional skill in Wing Chun is self-evident, and reinforced by the obvious warmth and respect I’ve seen shown by his peers and Sigung in both Hong Kong and the UK over the past 20 years. It’s impossible to fake the ongoing fascination that Paul so obviously has with Wing Chun, and maybe it’s this genuine love of the art that makes learning from him such a pleasure and so effective. Learning Wing Chun has positively changed my life in a number of ways over the years, allowing me to feel more grounded and think more clearly – I have a lot to thank Paul for; I couldn’t recommend learning Wing Chun from him highly enough.”
Christian Steenberg | Director, Steenberg Consulting