About AFS Wing Chun

Advanced Fighting Systems is the name given to the Newcastle based Wing Chun Kung Fu organisation founded and run by Sifu Paul O’Neal. Master O'Neal has been training in Wing Chun for over 30 years, continuously honing his keen fighting abilities on a daily basis. He is one of the first westerners to have been taught the complete system under Grandmaster Ip Ching and is the North East's only Hong Kong affiliated master of Wing Chun.

AFS Wing Chun is seen as a very effective style of Wing Chun Kung Fu for total physical and mental well-being, as well as being the most devastating in a combat situation.

AFS practices in a friendly atmosphere with students ranging from Professionals to University Students, Mechanics to Businessmen who are all seen as individuals through the training schedule and are regularly involved in one to one tuition with Master O’Neal, in order that their progress can be closely monitored.

If you are searching for a way to learn real self defense, then this is the place for you. True self defense requires a comple martial arts system, an excellent teacher who has put in years of practice and diligent regular training from the student. Wing Chun is an art form, as a martial art it is not a sport, nor is it a quick fix. We believe that if you wish to learn self defense on a weekend course, then great, this is a good way of introducing yourself to notions of self defense. If you are seeking a comprehensive knowledge of combat, that can keep you safe and allow you to protect those that you care about, then you will find this at AFS Wing Chun, under the tutelage of Sifu Paul O’Neal.

If you want to get into a sport such as MMA, that’s alright, we are not the place for you. The AFS Wing Chun association is an exponent of traditional kung fu skills, we are not an academy for brawling nor are we some kind of fight club. What we teach is the art of Wing Chun, as it was taught to us, which includes the ethics of interacting with other people respectfully in a manner befitting that of an authentic martial art, which sadly is missing from many martial arts schools in this day and age.

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